Starting the Conversation : University-wide Research Data Management Policy

Publié le 7 janvier 2014, par Thérèse Hameau

Starting the Conversation : University-wide Research Data Management Policy is a call for action that summarizes the benefits of systemic data management planning and identifies the stakeholders and their concerns. It also suggests that the library director proactively initiate a conversation among these stakeholders to get buy-in for a high-level, responsible data planning and management policy that is proactive, rather than reactive.

The Stakeholders identified in the report include :

  • The University
  • The Office of Research
  • The Research Compliance Office
  • The Information Technology Department
  • The Researchers
  • The Academic Units
  • The Library

The report addresses the various topics that should be discussed and includes a checklist of issues to help the discussion result in a supportable and sustainable policy.

Suggested elements of the conversation include :

  • Who owns the data ?
  • What Requirements are Imposed By Others ?
  • Which Data Should Be Retained ?
  • For How Long Should Data Be Maintained ?
  • How Should Digital Data Be Preserved ?
  • Are there Ethical Considerations ?
  • How are Data Accessed ?
  • How Open Should the Data Be ?
  • How Will Costs Be Managed ?
  • What are the Alternatives to Local Data Management ?

Le rapport