The Case of Text and Data Mining

12 novembre 2013 - Bruxelles, Belgique

Publié le 31 octobre 2013, par Thérèse Hameau

MEP Pawel Zalewski, Amelia Anderdotter, Marietje Schaake, and other MEPs co-signed a letter to President Barroso on the need to reform the Information Society (‘InfoSoc’) Directive (2001/29/EC) in December 2012. The Commission responded with the launch of the ‘Licences for Europe’ initiative, which will conclude on 13 November. Now, almost one year later, this event aims to look back at what happened and how to move forward. In doing so, it brings together a broad range of stakeholders : MEPs from across the political spectrum, NGOs, industry representatives, and policy experts. The two panel session will be moderated by Ms Eleonora Rosati of the University of Cambridge.