Solving the research data management problem for educational research institutions

Publié le 5 septembre 2013, par Thérèse Hameau

figshare today announces the launch of ‘figshare for Institutions’ - a simple and cost-effective software solution for academic and higher education establishments to both securely host and make publicly available its academic research outputs. figshare, allows academic institutions to publish, share and get credit for their research data, hosting videos, datasets, posters, figures and theses in a cost-effective way.

Included :

  • Large amounts of secure, private storage plus unlimited public space.
  • Simple, institution-wide management and monitoring of all research outputs for institution staff with subject categorisation per department.
  • Access controlled team sharing and collaborative spaces with the ability to add notes and comments to files.
  • An institutional dashboard with detailed metrics on the impact of publicly available data
  • All research outputs can be made citable, visualisable, embeddable and trackable with one click.
  • The ability to push research to any internal repository.
  • Institution–wide compliance with open data requirements of funding bodies.
  • Dedicated support team.