Scientific data sharing : an interdisciplinary Workshop

Du 2 au 4 septembre 2013 - Anagni, Italie

Publié le 17 juillet 2013, par Thérèse Hameau

The workshop entitled "Scientific Data Sharing : An Interdisciplinary Workshop", will take place in Anagni, Italy, during the first week of September 2013.

There will be three sessions :

- The foundations of Open Science will be concerned with the epistemological foundations of Open Science, with a focus on the Open Data principles and the impact of new technologies on the spread of scientific knowledge.
- Data sharing in the scientific practice : experiences from different research fields, in which empirical studies of data sharing practices in different research fields (e.g. archaeology, biodiversity, biomedicine, genomics, psychology) will be presented.
- Facing the complexity of data sharing will be dedicated to the discussion of the barriers to data sharing and what can be done to increase its rate.

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