G8 Science Ministers Statement

Publié le 2 juillet 2013, par Thérèse Hameau

On 12 June the Royal Society hosted the first ever G8 joint Science Ministers and national science academies meeting in London


We, the G8 Science Ministers met in London on Wednesday 12 June with Presidents of our respective national science academies, as part of the UK’s G8 Presidency. At this unique meeting we discussed how our nations could lead efforts to improve the transparency, coherence and coordination of the global scientific research enterprise in order to address global challenges and maximise the social and economic benefits of research.

So today, recognising the role that science has to play in securing present and future sustainable growth, we approved a statement which proposes to the G8 for consideration new areas for collaboration and agreement on global challenges, global research infrastructure, open scientific research data, and increasing access to the peer-reviewed, published results of scientific research.


2. Global Research Infrastructure

Research infrastructures (RI) are key elements in research and innovation policies. In some cases, their complexity as well as high development, construction and operation costs, requirement for a critical mass of highly qualified human resources, or simply the global nature of the scientific challenge addressed, makes it impossible for one country or region alone to build and operate these facilities. In such cases it becomes crucial to make concerted efforts at the international level for the realisation of “global research infrastructures” (GRI). We recognise the potential for increased international cooperation on global research infrastructures and the benefits that arise from a shared outlook on frontier research and collaboration and good governance.


3. Open Scientific Research Data

Open enquiry is at the heart of scientific endeavour, and rapid technological change has profound implications for the way that science is both conducted and its results communicated. It can provide society with the necessary information to solve global challenges. We are committed to openness in scientific research data to speed up the progress of scientific discovery, create innovation, ensure that the results of scientific research are as widely available as practical, enable transparency in science and engage the public in the scientific process. We have decided to support the set of principles for open scientific research data outlined below as a basis for further discussions.


4. Expanding Access to Scientific Research Results

We recognise that effective global scientific research and public understanding of science and commercial innovation by enterprises is supported by free and rapid public access to published, publicly funded research. The generation, sharing and exploitation of scientific knowledge are integral to the creation of wealth and the enhancement of our quality of life. We recognise that G8 nations have an important opportunity and responsibility to promote policies that increase access to the results of publicly funded research results to spur scientific discovery, enable better international collaboration and coordination of research, enhance the engagement of society and help support economic prosperity.


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