Making Data Accessible to All

Publié le 29 novembre 2012, par Thérèse Hameau


To discuss the issues surrounding data donation, publication and use in the plant sciences, GARNet (UK Arabidopsis Research Network) and EGENIS (ESRC Centre for Genomics and Society) led a workshop on 12-13th July 2012 which brought together researchers, data curators, publishers, and funders to assess what we can all do to facilitate sustainable and intelligent data dissemination. Discussions at the workshop were geared around three questions :

  1. Where do researchers who produce high throughput data store their results, and how they make them publicly accessible (if at all) ?
  2. What types of data are most fruitful as a public ressource ?
  3. What are the roles and responsibilities of funders, reserachers, institutions, governments and publishers in facilatating intelligent data sharing, and how are they likely to evolve in the near futur ?

In this report, we summarize the presentations and debates undertaken at the workshop and discuss where responsibilities should lie in the pipeline from data generation to data dissemination.


Le rapport