Research Data Alliance : Global Data Meeting Washington

Publié le 12 novembre 2012, par Thérèse Hameau

The slides that were presented in the Global Data Meeting (1-3 October, 2012) are now available.

Among them, three review the initiatives and the projects in the United States, in Europe and in Australia :

The Washington meeting was :

  • a forum to intensively discuss ways to achieve interoperability in the rather complex and fragmented data domain and to give directions to concrete follow-up steps such as building working groups focusing on specific topics and near-term deliverables ;
  • a forum for data practitioners to exchange detailed information about ways to develop concrete interoperability solutions and best practices that will give rise to generic building blocks of a data/information infrastructure and data bridges to achieve early steps in interoperability ;
  • a forum to intensively discuss the RDA goals, the emerging RDA documents and their implications for the data practitioners working on concrete interoperability solutions.

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