Publié le 21 août 2012, par Thérèse Hameau

Scientific advances in the 21st century require more rapid innovation to keep pace with the growing problems facing modern society. Much like open source software development, Science needs open, immediate and collaborative sharing of data and ideas. The Scientific community has yet to systematically apply modern web based technologies to research. ZettaScience will accelerate scientific innovation by amassing or federating the world’s most comprehensive life science scientific data, combine it with advanced semantic search and computational tools and make it openly accessible in a worldwide, cross-discipline collaborative environment.

Federated and repository data will be integrated with advanced semantic search technologies into ZettaScience and accessed through a secure collaboration workspace, which will incorporate powerful workflow management, advanced computational capabilities and extensive analytics. Obtaining the data from scientists is neither simple nor automatic, however ZS has planned activities that should push wide data sharing towards the tipping point. It also will advise companies, universities and institutions on scientific data management and provide tools to aid their scientists to collect, manage and archive their data.


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