Summary Findings of the Open Exeter Data Asset Framework Survey

Publié le 9 août 2012, par Thérèse Hameau

DAF : Executive Summary & Strategic Recommendations

1. Context
This report provides the initial findings of the research data management survey and interviews conducted by the Open Exeter project.

2. Method
Adapted from the Data Curation Centre’s Data Asset Framework methodology, an online survey was created and follow up interviews were conducted with respondents. The survey was designed to uncover how researchers at the University of Exeter created data, where they stored their data, whether they backed up their data and what happened to their data when the project was finished. As with similar surveys conducted by other HEIs the survey was open to PGR students as well as academic staff.


5. Headlines
As a result of high level engagement with the research community, through Associate Deans and Directors of Research, Exeter’s DAF survey attracted a high response rate (relative to other HEIs). This gives confidence on the headline conclusions of this report which include :

  • Research data management practice, understanding and awareness varies widely across the institution, though (broadly speaking) understanding is higher in STEM/M and Social Sciences than in the Humanities.
  • Few researchers have experience of completing a data management plan.
  • Researchers are using a wide variety of storage solutions, with varying degrees of information security measures, and the requirement of many researchers exceeds the standard 20GB network backup space allocation.
  • There could only ever be partial cost recovery from grants (via direct or indirect costs) for future staffing and infrastructure for research data management.


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