Bioresource Research Impact Factor (BRIF)

Publié le 2 août 2012, par Thérèse Hameau

While biobanking is in the increase worldwide, and generates wider scientific and economic activity, there is no standardized way to assess the use of these resources, as one of the ways to promote their sharing. Additionally, it is becoming essential to properly recognize the amount of work it represents for researchers to set up a bioresource, and give them higher credit for their effort to make them accessible.

To address this, our team (UMR U1027, Inserm- Université de Toulouse, dir. A. Cambon-Thomsen) has introduced the concept of a Bioresource Research Impact factor (BRIF). The idea is to construct a quantitative parameter to describe the use of bioresources, modeled on the publication ‘Impact Factor’. Such a BRIF would make it possible to document ; 1. the quantitative use of a Bio-Resource, 2. the quality and the importance of research results involving it, and 3. the scientific and management efforts of those who set up and made available a valid bioresource and their institution.

This system could be used much more rationally than informal ‘reputation’ in the evaluation of bioresources activities over time. Also, if such a factor was taken into account in assessing researchers/contributors’ professional results, it would increase the quality and sharing of bioresources.

We now are setting up a working group to define and implement the BRIF.

This forum is aimed at fueling our working group’s discussions.

We welcome your participation and are open to all ideas, general or very specific.


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