Open Data White Paper / Unleashing the Potential

Juin 2012

Publié le 10 juillet 2012, par Thérèse Hameau


2.61 Greater access to public data through is an essential part of our strategy for making the most effective use of data. Howewer, we must also consider how we open up publicly funded research data in a way that maximises public benefit.


2.62 The Government, in its Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth, 36 has committed to the principle that publicly funded academic research is a public good produced in the public interest and that, while intellectual property must be protected and commercial interests considered, it should be made openly available with a few restrictions as possible.


2.66 To further develop government policy on access to research, we are also establishing a Research Transparency Sector Board, chaired by the Minister for Universities and Science, which will consider ways in which transparency in the area of research can be a driver for innovation. Recognising that research data is different to other PSI, the Board will consider how to implement transparency measures relating to research in a manner which protects the integrity of the research and associated intellectual property, while ensuring access for those SME entrepreneurs vital for driving growth.

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