Data Management and Preservation (DMP) Planning for Large Projects

7 mai 2012

Publié le 4 mai 2012, par Thérèse Hameau

Managing Research Data Infrastructures for Big Science
(MaRDI-Gross project)

The MaRDI-Gross project is funded by JISC to support big-science projects in developing suitable Data Management and Preservation (DMP) plans to manage the long-term curation of the data they generate.

This support will take the form of one (or possibly more) documents discussing best current practice in this area, with a mixture of general and specific advice aimed at letting a project’s data managers optimally adapt this practice to their own situations. In addition, the document is intended to give advice to funders, explicitly or implicitly, on how they should criticise or negotiate projects’ high-level DMP plans.

It’s the v0.2 of the project report.


This report exists to provide high-level guidance for the strategic and engineering development of Data Management and Preservation plans for ‘Big Science’ data.
Although the report’s nominal audience is therefore rather narrow, we intend the document to be of use to other planners and data architects who wish to implement good practice in this area. For the purposes of this report, we presume that the reader is broadly persuaded (by external fiat if nothing else) of the need to preserve research data appropriately, and that they have both sophisticated
technical support and the budget to support developments.
The goal of the document is not to provide mechanically applicable recipes, but to allow the user to develop and lead a high-level plan which is appropriate to their organisation. Throughout, the report is informed where appropriate by the OAIS reference model.
This report was funded by JISC in 2011–2012, as part of the RDMP strand of the JISC programme Managing Research Data. For document history, see p.37.

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