Accelerate Open Science training for researchers

Publié le 13 septembre 2018, par Thérèse Hameau

« The European Commission states “For Open Science to become a reality, researchers need appropriate discipline-dependent skills training and professional development at all stages of their research careers.” (EC 2017) However, the current training situation for early career researchers is often not satisfactory. While some doctoral students have access to dedicated, in-house training, others do not. In addition, “training standards are highly variable between institutions and research groups” (McDowell et al. 2015, p.8).


[...] Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) have a key role to play in supporting Open Science and in recognising the efforts of those engaging with Open Science. They can initiate a shift from quantity towards quality by implementing adapted governance settings. How can this look like in practical terms ?


The FOSTER Roadmap for Implementing Open Science Training Practices in Research institutions outlines three key ways and practical actions that can taken up by RPOs in order to support the transition towards Open Science (cf. Brinken et al. 2018).

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