Focus On Open Science

16 novembre 2018 - Vienne, Autriche

Publié le 6 septembre 2018, par Thérèse Hameau

« An event organised by :

Scientific Knowledge Services, the library at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) and in collaboration with UCL Press and LIBER (The European Association of Research Libraries).


Focus On Open Science in Vienna 2018 at TU Wien

In the Vienna chapter, a focus will be placed on research data management, ‘FAIR data’ and open access, and on the (cultural change) processes and infrastructures needed at the institutional and community level in order to support a transition to Open Science.

Universities and research communities are currently experimenting with different aspects of Open Science, building and using new infrastructures or tackling the most purposeful and sustainable ways to put into practice funders’ requirements in relation to open-access publications or ‘FAIR research data’. Knowing current developments is essential, as is the coordination of those and the collaboration of researchers and support staff. To support researcher groups, TU Wien, for example, has an open access policy in place and is currently establishing a Centre for Research Data Management.

The Vienna workshop at TU Wien aims to provide a platform for researchers as well as support staff (library, research support, funders) to enter into a discussion about needs, requirements, the state of play and next steps in Open Science. While relevant to all fields, we aim to make particular references to the spectrum of disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields as usually covered by ‘technical universities’ and science faculties, departments or research groups (from engineering to computer science to architecture).

The workshop will offer a practitioner experience, grounded in the principles of Open Science, and opportunities for networking at the local level. The Workshop format offers both on-the-spot interactions and follow-up opportunities.


This one-day workshop will address the following critical topics :

1. The drivers of change : FAIR Data and Open Access

2. Open Science and the management of a cultural change

... »