The Copyright reform must also be fair to European researchers and entrepreneurs

Publié le 5 septembre 2018, par Thérèse Hameau

« Research and innovation organisations call on the European Parliament to revise Article 3 on Text and Data Mining (TDM) ahead of its vote on the EU Copyright Directive on 12 September.

We, representatives of universities ; research libraries ; startups, scaleups and technology entrepreneurs ; data, research and insights companies ; open access publishers ; and non-profits organisations, urge MEPs to look beyond the partial debate between rightsholders and Internet giants. This copyright reform impacts all of us, and particularly our ability to conduct future-looking research and innovate in technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), and create jobs in important emerging fields like data analytics.

For this reason, we deeply regret that Article 3 on Text and Data Mining has not been updated to reflect Europe’s AI ambitions, despite TDM being fundamental to the development of AI and Europe’s ability to participate in the next great technical innovation. In addition to this, Article 6 as proposed by the JURI committee, would severely undermine an individual or an organisation’s ability to mine data.

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