Managing Digital Research Objects in an Expanding Science Ecosystem : 2017 Conference Summary

Data Science Journal, Volume 17, 2018

Publié le 30 août 2018, par Thérèse Hameau


Digital research objects are packets of information that scientists can use to organize and store their data. There are currently many different methods in use for optimizing digital objects for research purposes. These methods have been applied to many scientific disciplines but differ in architecture and approach. The goals of this joint digital research object (DRO) conference were to discuss the challenge of characterizing DROs at scale in volume and over time and possible organizing principles that might connect current DRO architectures. One of the primary challenges concerns convincing scientists that these tools and practices will actually make the research process easier and more fruitful. This conference included work from CENDI, the National Federal STI Managers Group, the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS), the Research Data Alliance (RDA), and the National Academy of Science (NAS).