24 organisations urge Rapporteur Axel Voss MEP to strike a more ambitious deal on TDM

Publié le 19 juin 2018, par Thérèse Hameau

« We, representatives of universities, large and small technology companies, telecommunications and Internet service providers, startups and scaleups, libraries, open access publishers, investigative and data journalists and non-profits, would like to express our deepest concerns about the second version of the draft compromise amendments on Text and Data Mining – TDM (Article 3) which has been circulated this week.

We fail to understand your decision to pull your first draft, which was a very balanced, progressive, and reasonable attempt at striking a compromise between the Commission’s original approach, the legitimate protection of rightsholders, and a broader exception that allows anyone to engage in TDM for any purpose in order to encourage research and innovation in Europe.

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