Scienceroot Is Building Blockchain Based Ecosystem to Enhance the Impact of Scientific Research

Publié le 21 mars 2018, par Thérèse Hameau

Scienceroot Is Building Blockchain Based Ecosystem to Enhance the Impact of
In the past few decades “Publish or perish” has become a norm in scientific research. On the other hand, scholarly communication is stunned by commercial publishing companies and so is academia with publishing. Researchers are always under pressure to publish more papers, and more publications mean more earnings for publishers, rather than genuine sciences.

With this scenario, it’s very important to connect the various aspects of scholarly research such as collaboration, funding, and journal to better utilize the available resources and reward the scientists for what they deserve.

Scienceroot is a blockchain-based non-profit scientific ecosystem which combines all the functionalities required during the scientific discovery process.


After analyzing the current scientific discovery process, we came up with 3 key elements of the scientific lifecycle that every scientist will go through. We decided to combine them into one ecosystem that covers all their needs and integrate it with blockchain to maximize the functionalities for our users.


This means that our ecosystem components will include Social Media Scientific Network, Archive of all worldwide Grants and a decentralized publishing mechanism.

  • Decentralized Scientific Repositories
  • Incentivized Q&A
  • Decentralized Scientific Marketplace
  • Crowdfunding Ideas
  • Blockchain Grants
  • Funding Mechanisms for Institutions
  • Rewarding System for Reviewers and Authors


Scienceroot`s ecosystem will be non-profit. The purpose of Scienceroot will be solely to promote and sustain science and research. With the help of blockchain, we have the possibility to fund ourselves by processing transactions on our platform and implementing minimal fees in our decentralized marketplace. We will have an Article Processing Charge for our own Journals from which we intend to cover publishing costs and reward reviewers & authors.