ARTiFACTS Launches First-Ever Blockchain-Based Platform for Scientific and Scholarly Research

Publié le 21 mars 2018, par Thérèse Hameau

Cambridge, MA-based start-up ARTiFACTS has launched the world’s first blockchain-based platform for scholarly research. Formed by a team of academic publishing software veterans, the new company is the first of its kind to deploy a collaborative platform that allows researchers to register their discoveries and provide and receive attribution on an immutable blockchain ledger.

The ARTiFACTS platform was designed to address the fundamental shortcomings of traditional knowledge dissemination and attribution. Currently, researchers only receive acknowledgment for a published article when it appears in an indexed journal, limiting exposure to the full scope of their research contributions. ARTiFACTS’ blockchain-based platform allows researchers to create a permanent, real-time record of all research contributions in an unbreakable, universally-accessible digital ledger. With this new platform, ARTiFACTS has created a new infrastructure for cataloguing, searching, and attributing scholarly contributions.