The European Summer University in Digital Humanities

Du 17 au 27 juillet 2018 - Leipzig, Allemagne

Publié le 15 mars 2018, par Thérèse Hameau


The Summer University offers a range of workshops on important areas of Digital Humanities in the broadest sense. All workshops run in parallel through the 11 days. Each workshop consists of a total of 18 sessions or 36 teaching hours.

The term "workshop" instead of "course / seminar" is used here to take into account that the approach of the Digital Humanities to knowledge creation is collaborative and project oriented and that the practical application of methods and skills plays a huge role. This does not mean that theory is excluded from these courses. On the contrary, the application of computational methods to artefacts and the meaningful use of digital technology pose many new and theoretical questions which need to be discussed.

Workshops will be structured in two equal blocks of 18 teaching hours each. Participants can either take the two blocks of one workshop or two blocks from different workshops. Participants who wish to take the first block of a workshop in the first week and the second block of another workshop in the second week, need to demonstrate in their application that they have already some knowledge in the topics which are treated in the first block of the latter workshop.


  • XML-TEI document encoding, structuring, rendering and transformation
  • Hands on Humanities Data Workshop - Creation, Discovery and Analysis
  • Humanities Data and Mapping Environments
  • Building and analysing multimodal corpora
  • Stylometry


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