1st International Workshop on Open Data

25 mai 2012 - Nantes, France

Publié le 19 avril 2012, par Thérèse Hameau

Call for Papers (excerpts)

WOD-2012 aims at facilitating new trends and ideas from a broad range of topics concerned within the widely-spread Open Data movement, from the viewpoint of computer science research.

While being most commonly known from the recent Linked Open Data movement, the concept of publishing data explicitly as Open Data has meanwhile developed many variants and facets that go beyond publishing large and highly structured RDF/S repositories. Open Data comprises text and semi-structured data, but also open multi-modal contents, including music, images, and videos. With the increasing amount of data that is published by governments (see, e.g., data.gov, data.gov.uk or data.gouv.fr), by international organizations (data.worldbank.org or data.undp.org) and by scientific communities (tdar.org, cds.u-strasbg.fr, GenBank, IRIS or KNB) explicitly under an Open Data policy, new challenges arise not only due to the scale at which this data becomes available.