RDA Code of Conduct - Draft for Review

Publié le 19 février 2018, par Thérèse Hameau

All RDA community members are welcome and encouraged to review the following draft Code of Conduct text prior to implmentation at Plenary 11. Feedback on this version will be accepted through Friday, 9 March 2018, and further iteration to refine this document is expected to occur regularly going forward. Comments submitted to this page are welcome, please log in or register with RDA to post here. Feedback can alternately be submitted to enquiries@rd-alliance.org to be visible to the Secretariat. Note the ’conduct@rd-alliance.org’ email address noted in the document is not yet functional as of 16 Feb 2018. This page will be updated when that email (or another preferred alias) goes live prior to P11.


RDA is a rapidly growing global community of diverse individuals, institutes, government bodies, and organisations including corporations and businesses with valuable expertise, perspectives, and experiences. RDA greatly benefits from the mixing of cultures, but is also vulnerable to the dangers that can arise from cross-cultural misunderstandings. To better support a safe and inclusive environment for all community members, RDA is articulating a Code of Conduct to clearly signal community norms. This document assumes that the overwhelming majority of people wish to contribute to RDA from a place of respect for the organisation and its members. The intent of the document is to be explicit about inappropriate behaviour and to outline associated consequences.

This document should be seen as just one stepping stone towards collaboratively building a more welcoming and inclusive RDA. The Code of Conduct will be reviewed regularly by Council based on feedback from members.