New KE report : ’Moving from ambition : An account of the Knowledge Exchange workshop on Open Scholarship, Paris 2017

Publié le 12 février 2018, par Thérèse Hameau

We have published a new report Moving from ambition to reality : An account of the Knowledge Exchange workshop on Open Scholarship, Paris 2017, and a menu for possible actions for 2018 and beyond. The report summarizes and reflects on key points, as represented in discussion at the Knowledge Exchange workshop on Open Scholarship in September 2017.

The workshop brought together key figures from across the KE partner countries to discuss the paper produced last summer Knowledge Exchange Approach to Open Scholarship and to design concrete KE activities, as a follow-up to the paper’s recommendations.

Moving from ambition to reality, February 2018


2. Executive summary – what’s in this account ?


The main purpose of this account is to provide as concise as possible a working menu for further action, a number of possible activities which may be undertaken by KE, its partners, collaborators and others. In each strand this includes possible case studies and possible joint and solo actions to push forward progress towards pervasive Open Scholarship. It also poses key questions in the hope that this will help KE, its partners and other key bodies to identify and attempt to remove key obstacles along the way. Finally, comments, where they are made, come directly from the workshop activities.

KE prefers the term Open Scholarship as it includes all disciplines. The term Open Science was used by several speakers and has been retained in the accounts for reporting accuracy.