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Publié le 9 août 2011, par Thérèse Hameau


eSciDoc is as a joint project of the Max Planck Society and FIZ Karlsruhe, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), aimed at building an e-research platform for multi-disciplinary research organizations.

Generating, processing, disseminating, and archiving scientific and scholarly knowledge is changing in a fundamental way. In the future, researchers from all over the world will cooperate, collaborate, and communicate throughout the whole process of knowledge generation by means of e-research environments. Typical scenarios include storing, manipulating, enriching, disseminating, and publishing not only of the final results of the research process, but of all intermediate steps as well, such as pre-research documents, primary and experimental data, pre-prints, and learning materials.

Thus, the result of the eSciDoc project is intended to ensure open and persistent access to research results and materials of scientific institutions and research organizations, like the Max Planck Society. eSciDoc will integrate these materials in an emerging e-research network, increase the accountability of research and to improve the visibility of these institutions and organizations. At the same time, the project aims to provide effective and comprehensive access to information for researchers and their work groups. Additionally, eSciDoc will support scientific collaboration and interdisciplinary research in future e-science scenarios and optimize the exploitation of information available through an interconnected global scientific knowledge space.

eSciDoc : Infrastructure, Services, and Solutions

eSciDoc consists of three major parts : a set of core services that provide basic and commonly used functionality (the "eSciDoc Infrastructure"), intermediate and application services providing higher-level functionality (the "eSciDoc Services", and discipline- or task-specific applications ("eSciDoc Applications"). Each eSciDoc Solution is built on top of the eSciDoc Infrastructure and makes use of the additional services where needed.

- Infrastructure to ensure sustainability

- Services to connect and disseminate data

- Applications to visualize, publish, manage, and work with data

eSciDoc generalizes concepts, processes, and technology to forster the easy development of new and sustainable applications.

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