Join the call for TDM software and Knowledge Resources

Publié le 8 décembre 2017, par Thérèse Hameau

OpenMinTeD is looking for service providers, innovators, SMEs and researchers who can join and build on the platform ! You can apply for this call until 14 January 2018. Winners of the call will be awarded a sum of money to implement their plans. You will also be part of an online hackathon to help you along the way.

Why you should join

By sharing TDM software or knowledge resources with OpenMinTED, you enhance the visibility and impact. Winners of this call will be awarded € 7.000 (for small bids) or € 17.500 (for larger bids) including VAT and expenses to implement the integration of their software or components into the OpenMinTeD infrastructure.


About OpenMinTeD

OpenMinTeD is a European project of 16 partners that sets out to develop a sustainable infrastructure for text and data mining. We are working on a platform that brings together text and data, TDM tools and services, training, support and guidelines. Rather than developing new tools, we are adapting existing tools and services and repositories in order to make them interoperable.