InRoad Consultation Report | Prioritisation, Evaluation and Funding of Research Infrastructures in Europe

Novembre 2017

Publié le 28 novembre 2017, par Thérèse Hameau

Executive Summary

InRoad aims to contribute to mutual learning and stronger coordination among policy and decision-makers in Europe with regards to different aspects relevant to RI road-mapping. The goal is to harmonize procedures and encourage long-term sustainability of the RI ecosystem in Europe. In order to obtain a comprehensive picture of national RI policies in Europe, InRoad conducted a broad online-consultation, which targeted the national organisations in charge of national RI roadmapping, to collect information about national Research Infrastructure (RI) policies in EU Member States (EU MS) and Associated Countries to Horizon 2020 (AC). The consultation concerned decision-making procedures, funding and business plans for RI as well as their link to RI roadmapping.The collected information allows comparative analyses of the national practices to identify challenges and best practices. 22 MS and 5 AC responded to the consultation, so the results cover nearly all countries in Europe with an RI roadmap and therefore allow for generalisation of the findings. The data gathered from countries planning their first RI roadmapping is not broad enough to allow generalisation but it may indicate relevant issues for further exploration.


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