Getting to Know You, Part 1 : ORCID’s 2017 Community Survey

Publié le 14 novembre 2017, par Thérèse Hameau

In 2015, we carried out our first community survey, to learn more about you, our members and users, including why and how you were interacting with ORCID. Two years on, our 2017 community survey covered much of the same ground and added some new questions. And we also carried out our first consortia survey this year, to find out more about the needs and expectations of our consortium lead organizations. Today’s post focuses on what we learned from our community survey.


The community survey ran from May 31 - July 14, 2017 ; 2,517 people responded, most via a link on the ORCID Registry home page. We received 1,776 completed surveys (70.5% of the total). Respondents were evenly distributed across the early, mid, and senior career stage with a similar disciplinary distribution to those of the 2015 survey.

What did we learn ?


  • Reasons for registering : Over half (54.6%) of respondents did so because their publisher (544), funder (227), or institution (233) required an iD. Other key reasons were to link all their publications under a common identifier, and to make it easier for readers to find their work (ranked 3.5/4 and 3.46/4 respectively)
  • ORCID usage : More respondents are adding data to their ORCID record across all categories than in 2015, with education (16.9% increase) and works (10.6%) showing most growth. Only 10.3% of respondents in 2017 indicated that they do not use their ORCID iD, compared with 25.6% in 2015. Use of ORCID in publications workflows remains the most common use case