The State of Open Data Report 2017

Publié le 24 octobre 2017, par Thérèse Hameau

Figshare’s annual report, The State of Open Data 2017, looks at global attitudes towards open data. It includes survey results of 2,300 respondents and a collection of articles from industry experts, as well as a foreword from Jean-Claude Burgelman, Head of Unit Open Data Policies and Science Cloud at the European Commission.


The State of Open Data 2017 Looks at Global Attitudes Towards Open Data


For this year’s survey, partnering with both Springer Nature and Wiley, there was a marked growth in respondents from just over 2000 to almost 2300. Key findings include :

  • Respondents have become more aware of open data sets (82% up from 73%) than in 2016
  • Age does not appear to be a major factor in this trend
  • 74% of researchers are curating their data for sharing
  • Willingness of researchers to reuse open data sets in their own research has grown, a 10% increase to 80%, with the increase replicated across age groups
  • Researchers who routinely share their data has also grown since 2016, although by a smaller amount, from 57% to 60% - The proportion of researchers who have never made a data set openly available has reduced in the last year
  • Looking deeper we can see further promise for the future of open data, as 70% of these researchers are now willing to reuse open data sets in their own research (up from 65%)


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