Benchmarking RDM Training Blog

Publié le 24 octobre 2017, par Thérèse Hameau

This blog reports on the progress of the international project to benchmark Research Data Management training across institutions.

How effective is your RDM training ?

Collaborators (in alphabetical order by surname) : Cadwallader Lauren, Higman Rosie, Lawler Heather, Neish Peter, Peters Wayne, Schwamm Hardy, Teperek Marta, Verbakel Ellen, Williamson, Laurian, Busse-Wicher Marta

When developing new training programmes, one often asks oneself a question about the quality of training. Is it good ? How good is it ? Trainers often develop feedback questionnaires and ask participants to evaluate their training. However, feedback gathered from participants attending courses does not answer the question how good was this training compared with other training on similar topics available elsewhere. As a result, improvement and innovation becomes difficult. So how to objectively assess the quality of training ?

In this blog post we describe how, by working collaboratively, we created tools for objective assessment of RDM training quality.