Announcing DataCite DOI Fabrica

Publié le 19 octobre 2017, par Thérèse Hameau

Today DataCite is launching DOI Fabrica, the next generation of DataCite’s DOI registration service, replacing the Metadata Store (MDS). This is the biggest and most important product release DataCite has done in many years, and the result of nine months of hard work by the entire DataCite team.

DOI registration is the core service that DataCite is providing to its members and the data centers they work with. The requirements for how DOI registration should work have changed significantly since the Metadata Store was originally launched in 2011. We began the DOI Fabrica project in early 2017 by collecting, categorizing, and prioritizing user stories for what is needed from the DataCite DOI registration service. Central to this activity was continuously engaging with our members and the DataCite community to make sure their needs were met. As part of this work, we rethought how we work with user stories and how develop our product roadmap (more details in this blog post), and you can find all user stories directly relevant for DOI registration here.