Metadata 2020 Collaboration Launches to Advocate for Better Data about Research

Publié le 7 septembre 2017, par Thérèse Hameau

Individuals from around the world have joined forces to form Metadata 2020, a collaboration that advocates for richer, connected, and reusable metadata describing all research outputs. Why ?

  • Richer metadata fuels discoverability and innovation.
  • Connected metadata bridges gaps between systems and communities.
  • Reusable metadata eliminates duplication of effort.

When we settle for inadequate metadata, none of these improvements are possible and everyone using those research outputs suffers as a consequence.

This collaboration will engage publishers, aggregators, service providers, librarians, funders, and researchers to participate by committing to improving the quality and interoperability of their metadata. The aim is to both raise awareness of scholarly metadata, and provide resources for all who have a stake in creating and using it.