ISNI Organizations Registry - Identifying Organizations in the Scholarly Supply Chain

Publié le 30 août 2017, par Thérèse Hameau

The ISNI International Agency Ltd (ISNI-IA) today announces changes to its infrastructure focused on providing open identifiers for organizations working in the field of scholarly communications. The ISNI Organizations Registry will enable organizations to change and correct their own records and allow the research community to identify author affiliations persistently and authoritatively, thereby supporting analysis of research output and impact.

ISNI is already an open party identifier, widely used in various sectors and designed to work in many contexts such as resource discovery and royalty payment attribution. The ISNI Registry contains identity records associated with named individuals [8.75 million] and organizations [654,000] involved in the scholarly and wider media industries. The ISNI-IA will manage its database of organization records separately. The information it contains will be published under a CC0 licence and data will be available as a download and through an API that enables both retrieval and resolution of ISNI records.


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