Research Data Infrastructures in the UK

Publié le 5 juillet 2017, par Thérèse Hameau


32.This report is intended to inform the work of the Open Research Data Task Force, which has been established with the aim of building on the principles set out in Open Research Data Concordat (published in July 2016) to co-ordinate creation of a roadmap to develop the infrastructure for open research data across the UK. As an initial contribution to that work, the report provides an outline of the policy and service infrastructure in the UK as it stands in the first half of 2017, including some comparisons with other countries ; and it points to some key areas and issues which require attention. It does not seek to identify possible courses of action, nor even to suggest priorities the Task Force might consider in creating its final report to be published in 2018. That will be the focus of work for the Task Force over the next few months.


Report structure

35.This report is in four main parts. Part One outlines the policies adopted by the UK Government and its agencies, major research funders, and universities ; and by way of comparison, with similar agencies in some other research-intensive countries. It also outlines the policy positions adopted by some major publishers of scholarly journals, since these will undoubtedly have significant influence on the attitudes and behaviours of researchers who seek to publish their findings in such journals. Part Two presents an outline picture of the initiatives and services currently in place to support researchers in managing their data effectively, and in providing access to it. Part Three examines three groups of issues : technical, research community, and policy and organisational. Finally, Part Four presents some conclusions, and identifies some key areas for attention.


Le rapport