Opportunities for Data Exchange project (ODE)

Novembre 2010 - novembre 2012

Publié le 28 février 2012, par Thérèse Hameau

The Opportunities for Data Exchange project is funded under FP7

Action plan : The ODE project work plan is constructed around an iterative approach of gathering, analysing and disseminating information over three phases. Gather a critical mass of readily available information on best practices, success stories, near misses, and honourable failures in data sharing today.

  1. Drill down on specific issues of drivers and barriers for data sharing, re-use and preservation and can then project the existing baseline into the future.
  2. Present our findings about issues relevant to specific target audiences in formats suitable for each audience.

Support activities : The primary challenge for the ODE project is to ensure that credible evidence about attitudes towards and experience of data sharing and (re)use is gathered, interpreted and summarised in meaningful and relevant ways for each of our target groups. Three main support activities will follow the axes of content and communication.

  1. Engage the audience and capture evidence : compiling existing knowledge, attitudes and experiences towards data-sharing and (re)use and the role of datasets in publishing. Disseminating this baseline as examples of good/poor practice.
  2. Dialogue with the audience and interpret evidence : drilling down into the evidence with commentators from the various audiences, identifying drivers and barriers and stakeholder-specific concerns. Projecting the baseline into future scenarios.
  3. Audience takes-up results and evidence is published : Mapping findings to meet audience-specific needs and packaging appropriately.

ODE Reports

Baseline Report on Drivers and Barriers in Data Sharing

Report on Integration of Data & Publications

Ten Tales of Drivers & Barriers in Data Sharing

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