Enzyme Portal

Publié le 28 février 2012, par Thérèse Hameau

The EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute has launched the Enzyme Portal, a new resource for people who are interested in the biology of enzymes and proteins with enzymatic activity.

The Enzyme Portal mines and displays data about proteins with enzymatic activity from public repositories via a single search, and includes biochemical reactions, biological pathways, small molecule chemistry, disease information, 3D protein structures and relevant scientific literature. It summarises information in the UniProt knowledge base ; the Protein Data Bank in Europe ; Rhea, a database of enzyme-catalysed reactions ; Reactome, a database of biochemical pathways ; IntEnz, a resource with enzyme nomenclature information ; ChEBI and ChEMBL, which contain information about small molecule chemistry and bioactivity ; and CoFactor and MACIE for highly detailed, curated information about cofactors and reaction mechanisms.

The Enzyme Portal covers a large number of species, including the key organisms used in biological research, and makes it simple to compare the characteristics of equivalent enzyme activities in different organisms.

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